Weekly Portrait #46 – “People I now know” (Working Title) – Megan.

Weekly Portrait #46 – “People I now know” (Working Title) – Megan.


Megan lives on the same street as me, she featured in my 40:40:40 project last year with her son Tobias when he was just 4 days old, that’s commitment. Now with hair that red there really was no choice but to match it up with a shoot in some super yellow oil-seed rape. Lots of fun.


Drop me a message if you’d be interested in being a sitter/victim.

For those of you who missed my other instalments or are new to my site, I set a challenge of shooting a self-initiated portrait every week (or so!) ……. You can find the rest of them here My Diary.

It’s a deliberately broad brief started under the working title of “People I know” already renamed “People I now know” I’m looking forward to continuing the journey, still unaware of the destination.

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