Boondocks Festival Malmesbury 2015 – my take in 16:9

Boondock-RBPhoto-37Wow that was a busy Summer Holidays, work diary and family life mixed, matched and left very little time for me to start my blog on my new website! I was however shooting almost continually through he summer months, and this is my first of a series of posts to bring me back up to date.

Let me take you back to July and THE event to kick of the summer holidays, the extra-ordinary Boondocks Festival held just outside Malmesbury. Many words have been written by far better ‘wordsmiths’ than me about how good this was and all I can do is echoed those thoughts and send out a huge “Thank You” to Neil, Dave and the awesome crew of people who made this happen. Here is my take on the event, starting with a selection of mast photographs showing this otherwise normal field of the Foxley Road in Malmesbury turned into a fantastic gathering and the second part being a cinema inspired set of 16:9 monochrome images in and amongst the people, music, food, beer and laughter. Relive the Boondocks Festival Malmesbury.

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