Another Crazy Weekend at Barker Towers!

My Brothers youngest had her 6th birthday on Saturday, T, S and I went down to Fleet for a party with 40+ 6 year olds running and shouting round the hall (I forgot to pack ear defenders!). We raced home for Malmesburys fantastic fireworks display and a chip tea. 

Today we went to Whitehall, to take the girls ice-skating for the first time, with Dexter, Martha & Maxine. Scarlett preferred the ‘banana’ to the penguin, Tallulah & Dexter had the basics understood by the end, but all were most excited at Olaf the snowman joining us! I just wish they swapped the direction of travel halfway, constant left turns were a pain in my dodgy right knee. And Scarlett deciding to run off in the packed Christmas shop did nothing for my claustrophobia, thankfully she was found after 5 minutes frantic searching, looking for the toilets.

Home to feed the girls then back out to The Spice Merchant for Roys birthday! Home stuffed and sleepy!