Your Photoshoot

Your Photoshoot – No two photshoots are ever the same and I would never want to impose any sort of formula to the way I work but I would like to put a bit of information here so you can see the general flow of how I work.




I shoot on location: I come to you or where we have arranged. I bring everything we need to either shoot clean white background studio images or environmental portraits. The choice of studio or using your house or surroundings as the location is completely up to you, I can even set up an outside studio for photographing horses or dogs.

I work to your timings: whether that is when you want me to arrive or how long you want me to stay. For example, on more than one occasion I have arrived at a clients house to find their baby has decided that today they want to change their routine (I’m a Dad I know it happens!) I can set up the studio and am more than happy to have a coffee and chat whilst we wait for baby to wake in their own time, this is a process that does not benefit from being rushed.

I like to keep photoshoots relaxed: if that means playing about as much as capturing images those images are often the better for it. I know not everyone likes having there picture taken and some children can be shy to start with but by being under no time pressure everyone gets there in the end!

I shoot digitally for all my portrait commissions: it is both easier and better. All are shot in a regular landscape format and in colour. If you want to see any of your images in a specific way I can do that.

After your shoot I will show you some print and product examples and leave you with a price guide – the same prices that are on this website. The greatest photographs in the world are not stored only on computer hard drives they are printed and hung on walls, this is what I want to do for you.

I like to get your images processed and ready for you to see within a week I then email you a link to an online gallery of your images. We can then start to make decisions on which are your favourites and any edits you might like to make.

The most important part of all of this is that portrait photography is a two way process between photographer and client and I want you to enjoy it – just get in touch with any questions.