A Portrait Project #55 – Nicola Hope

I first photographed Nicola all the way back in January 2016, the fourth shoot in this project.

And to be honest I should have shared these months ago, I shot them back in July…….. but as with so many creatives I know, post covid, post lockdowns, it’s been a real struggle…

Work has changed, or disappeared, routines have had to be broken, revisions and adjustments made, what was once normal is now alien.

I’ve been taking some down time through the summer, some of it enforced, some it planned but I think I’m starting to understand a route forward, but please bare with me, its seems to be a slow, non-linear process.

Back to Nicola, she no longer works at “The Big House”, so the shoot was in her garden right here in Malmesbury, a wonderful and tranquil space, well at 1930 in the evening when there isn’t 1500 children over the other side of the fence!

location portrait nicola hope Malmesbury gardener and designer

Nicola is now not just working with plants in a mud under the fingernails way but also designing and consulting on gardens for her clients, https://www.facebook.com/NicolaHopeGardener

But the most animated conversation was definatly the one on growing tomatoes, a shared passion we have, and I left with Greenhouse envy.

And in answer to you Instagram question, you looked something like this when you photographed me….

I am so fortunate to live in the beautiful town that I do, but even more fortunate to spend time with those that make it so special. I am aways on the look out for new subjects for this portrait project, so if you are or know someone who you’d like to see me photograph, please get in touch.

Everyone is a story, it just needs a picture…

I’d love to hear what you think of the images, as always the easiest way is to comment the post on my page…..RupertBarker Photographer

Thanks, Rupert.