Louis Harvey British Championship Karter portrait project shoot with Rupert Barker

A Portrait Project #48 – Louis.

A Portrait Project #48 – Louis.

As soon as I heard about Malmesbury’s own British Championship Karter, Louis Harvey, I’ve been trying to set up a shoot for my ‘A Portrait Project’ but it seemed like we were destined to be ships passing in the night…..for some reason we just couldn’t get our diaries to match up.

But all that was put right on Tuesday and I can happily say it was a good one. Keep up with Louis on his Facebook Page on Instagram Feed, I feel this young man is one to keep eye on.

Thanks to Chris and Charlene for suitably embarrassing him during the shoot, but more importantly getting him and the Kart to me.

I’d love to hear what you think of the images, as always the easiest way is to comment the post on my page…..RupertBarker Photographer

I’m always on the look out for new subjects for this portrait project, so if you are or know someone who you’d like to see me photograph, please get in touch.

Thanks, Rupert.