A call for help – Please help the Dogs of Dubrovnik

Please can I ask you all to sign this petition to help Sandra, she is possibly the most dedicated person I have ever met, almost single handedly she is saving the unwanted dogs and cats of Dubrovnik. All she is asking for is what has been promised to her. The petition text explains the back story better, please click below and share as wide as you can.

change.com- save our shelter

Here is a post I wrote last year, its from my old website, but I may start bringing them into my new website – just need to figure out how!! – and some of the photographs I took whilst there. Please any help would be so gratefully received.


A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit Croatia and meet an incredible lady called Sandra Sambrailo who almost single handedly runs a dog rescue sanctuary outside Dubrovnik. Her sanctuary is an old fort high on a mountain above the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of The Old City of Dubrovnik that was used by the Yugoslav Peoples Army to shell the city during the Croatian War of Independence. Sandra looks after hundreds of dogs and cats and was one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. As we walked up to the fort I heard a whimper from a road side bush and when I crouched down puppy timidly emerged, I carried the dog unto the fort imagining it to be an escapee, but no Sandra informed me people leave unwanted dogs near by, knowing she will look after them and give them a home, no matter how many she is already looking after. ‘Lucky’ as Sandra named him is the little puppy with the kitten.” – 29th May 2014