Weekly Portrait #5 – “People I know” (Working Title) – Cerian

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Weekly Portrait #5 – “People I know” (Working Title) – Cerian

I told you this brief was open – week five and the working title can now be “People I know or I’ve met” – meet Cerian and Tasha, you’re going to hear a lot more about them in the next couple of weeks. Tasha was viciously attacked by her owners in Romania, her tail was hacked off, Cerian has brought her back to her Rescue Sanctuary just outside Bristol. She is now a happy, energetic and loving dog lets find her a home. Here is a link to the Facebook Page Happily Ever After.

For those of you who missed my first three instalments or are new to my site, I have set a challenge of shooting a self-initiated portrait every week for this year. You can find them here My Diary. It’s a deliberately broad brief under the working title of “People I know” I’m looking forward to the journey, not knowing the destination.

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